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Vectrix VX-1 Li/Li+

The VX-1 Li+ is a powerful, all-electric, all-highway-capable Personal Electric Vehicle that goes 68 mph, has a range up to 55-85 miles, and does it all for about a penny a mile. Motorcyclist Magazine said:

Blueline Tactical Hunting/Fishing/Outdoor Sport ResQ-PAK

The ResQ-PAK is a compact, durable kit of the essential items you need to stop life-threatening bleeding (for yourself or a buddy) until medical help is available. Designed to fit neatly and comfortably in a jacket, vest or cargo pocket, the ...

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MilTrans Voice Response Translator

MilTrans Voice Response Translator (VRT) is THE ONLY combat proven, eyes-free, hands-free voice recognition system allowing a user to maintain situational awareness and weapons readiness.

Grip Pod Systems GPS02

Developed for military use and made from advanced, reinforced polymers, the GPS02/Military Model is light enough to preserve weapon balance and deployment, yet still tough enough to withstand hard use, due to its hardened polymer covered ...

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L&R Ultrasonics HCS 200

The HCS 200 Set-Up provides superior results over manual cleaning and substantially reduces cleaning and lubricating cycle time. Designed for the recreational shooter, hobbyist, collector or sportsman, it cleans up to 16 times better than hand ...

Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices Smart Rail Gun Rack

This system uses lock activation through a biometric access/card reader kiosk. Each system holds eight weapons and each weapon contains an RFID tag. The rack can adjust to accommodate different weapon lengths.

Paper Pak Industries APLS Surgery Soaker

APLS Surgery Soaker is a disposable absorbent pad that contains blood, bodily fluids and solutions under operating room tables in all military and civilian medical environments.

Protonex M300-CX Portable Battery Charger / APU

A small and lightweight 300-Watt portable power system that is designed to meet the stringent demands of a wide range of military battery charging and auxiliary power unit applications. The unique design combines advances in fuel cell energy ...